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The playing field:
  1. Matchfield
    For example, the difficulty level can be selected here before the start.
  2. Points in the current game
  3. Cancel game and start new game
  4. Logged in as ..., click to log out
  5. Arrangement for left or right-handed people in landscape format and audio menu
  6. Your high scores in the respective difficulty levels
  7. Leaderboard. Your points in a global comparison

Before the start:
First, the difficulty level of the game is selected. Level6 (very easy) to Level11 (difficult) are available. At the first game, only Level6 is available for selection, the others can only be unlocked after successfully completing the previous level by reaching at least 33% of the theoretically maximum achievable points.
The duration of the game is also related to the level, so sometimes it makes sense to choose a lower level for a short time bridging.
Level6...11 is a special form of the game. It starts at Level6 and switches to the next higher level at each LevelMax.

The game:
The first Level1 token has already been placed randomly on the 4x4 tile.
Now you can move the tokens up, down, left or right by swiping or with the arrow keys. With a swipe each token is moving as far as possible in the selected direction. If two tokens with the same level value collide, they merge to a token with the next higher level value. If three tokens with the same level value are in a row, the two in the swiped direction are merged, the third remains with the existing level value. If four tokens with the same level value are in a row, they merge into 2 tokens with the next higher level value.
In addition, a new Level1 token is created after each move in a randomly selected free space.
Depending on the selected level, two Level6/Level7/.../Level11 tokens can no longer be merged, they remain on the field but will still be moved.

End of the game:
The game ends when all tiles are filled with tokens and it is no more move possible.

Points awarded:
- For each new Level1 token you get one point.
- When two tiles are merged you get points of the new level value to the second power. For example if 2 Level5 tokens are merged into a Level6 token you get 6x6 = 36 points.
- If the highest level value is reached, you get points of the value to the third power. For example, if a Level11 token is reached in Level11, you get 11x11x11 = 1331 points.

Level11 cannot deny the relationship with the games Threes, 1024, 2048 and similar. However, there are crucial differences that simply add more fun and make the game more entertaining.

Music by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org
contact @ level11.xyz